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Rockstar Games Customer care number
Rockstar Games Customer Service Phone Number USA

Rockstar Games Customer Service Phone Number. Click To Get Toll Free Rockstar Phone Number with Office Address Email Address and Website. Search more contact number in content of a page. Get Rockstar Customer Care and Service Contact Number or Toll Free Number 1800-811-4074. Rockstar Games is changing and Grand Theft Auto Online is the catalyst for that change. Previously the developer was known for its single-player adventures: the open worlds of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead, the stealth action of the Manhunt games.

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Rockstar Games Customer Service Phone Number USA

This Web page is going to tell you Rockstar Games Customer Service Phone Number and every trick for getting Rockstar Support plus each and every GTA Customer Service Number. Due to the continued success of Grand Theft Auto Online and other factors.

Rockstar Games support phone number USA

Best Rockstar Games

This is our collection of most popular Rockstar Games being played by millions of active users across the world. Few of them are free and few of them are available in Rockstar Games membership.

1. Red Dead Redemption

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

3. Grand Theft Auto V

4. Bully

5. L.A. Noire

6. Max Payne 3

7. Max Payne

8. Midnight Club 3

9. Manhunt

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Posted By : Seth
I like to play gta 5 online without getting scammed by bugs when you lag out of a game. And the fact you don’t have a phone number to talk to customers is unacceptable. I was playing gta today when I was doing a ceo mission. I was about to deliver all of my crates to a person when all of the sudden I lagged out of the game and lost a crate because of that. When I tried to restart another one, I was about to finish the mission when then I lagged out of the game again and I lost another crate again. I rather talk to a guy on the phone instead of posting something like this because I’m afraid nobody isn’t going to fern back to me right away and fix the issue I am having.
Rating :
Posted Date : 10 Aug 2018
Posted By : Brandon
Every time i'm running any kind of mission it keeps logging me out of the lobby I need this fixed ASAP
Rating :
Posted Date : 15 Jul 2018
Posted By : Alan gallardo
Hello I’m having problems in joining my friends lobby. But the only problem it’s only him. With my other friends I can join no problem. But with him it’s said I cannot connect with him.
Rating :
Posted Date : 14 Jul 2018
Posted By : Rafael
Hi i have a ps3 and my gamer tag is lildeadlox and i was playing and out of nowhere i got bad behavior so i got muted or banned for no reason and i want u guys to take me off of it right now please
Rating :
Posted Date : 24 Jun 2018
Posted By : Rafael Johnson
I paid the Megalobon Shark add it did not give it to me
Rating :
Posted Date : 21 Jun 2018
Posted By : SHANIA
As I try to join Online GTA V l,it keeps on saying \'Timed Out Locating Session\' or \'Quitting Session\' and keeps on placing me in story mode. Fix this problem please ASAP.
Rating :
Posted Date : 19 Jun 2018
Posted By : Miguel Chavez
Xq me quitaron mi progreso de GTA 5 only
Rating :
Posted Date : 12 Jun 2018
Posted By : MrWolfGaming182
i own 2 Grotti Vigilante for my crew wars and now i don't need them and can't sell them both upgraded
Rating :
Posted Date : 27 May 2018
Posted By : Joseph
You can cal me at 3145172263 i need help gta online
Rating :
Posted Date : 15 May 2018
Posted By : THE BATMAN11718
Thank you for your time
Rating :
Posted Date : 03 May 2018