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Pogo Games Customer Service Phone Number USA

The T.E. Network, which later on became Pogo.com, was created in 1995. The original vision was to become a better version of CompuServe a dial-up service for the young crowd. TEN failed to engage a suitable customer base and started looking for new business model. With the rise in Internet advertising, the company decided to focus on online browser-based games that would engage a broad audience and could attract adequate amount of new users to support an advertising based revenue generation model. Client platform got changed from a conventional Windows executable to the latest browser based java applet. Actual Pogo.com brand was launched in September 1999, and the company retitled itself to Pogo.com, more information is available on pogo.com phone number. Pogo raised rapidly, eventually overtaking its competition and became a popular gaming site on the Internet.

Key Features

Pogo Games Customer Service Phone Number USA

Pogo Games are divided in 3 categories on www.pogo.com, Free Games, Club Pogo Games and Downloadable Games. There are 90+ Free Games available on Pogo.com. Club Pogo Games are available for members only with 1 week trial option and there are 80+ such games. Downloadable Games has a small list of 14 games and are popular among PC users. All these games can be accessed in Pogo All Games. Pogo Support have expertise on all these games and you can call Pogo Support phone number provided to get all your POGO  Games customer service queries answered. Our Pogo Support articles will cover all such queries and POGO Games customers may fix their technical issues with Pogo games and corresponding computer problems themselves. If you still want to talk to a POGO Games support expert and want to contact Pogo games by phone then dial customer service or looking for Pogo Games customer service phone number, Pogo games support phone number, Pogo Games phonenumber or club Pogo games phone number, then you can dial our Pogo Games customer service phone number and we will help you in getting the resolution to your problem.

How to Reset Pogo Password or Screen Name For Club PogoGames?

Pogo Games are more interesting than any other games on the planet as of now and so millions Pogo Password reset of people joining this site day-by-day.  But, more than anything else, it is very important that you have no obstacles while logging into your account. However, most of the people nowadays might face a very common problem of forgetting the Pogo Games screen name or password, or else, some might wish to change the screen name or password. Though this process may sound so simple and easy for many, but still, some might find it difficult to do so and you might need to contact Pogo Support. If you are one such person, here you can get through some basic tips to overcome that particular problem and also learn how to Reset Pogo Password and screen name very easily.

If you want to change the password, you can follow these steps:

*Open your favorite or default Internet browser and just type the official site address of the Pogo game www.pogo.com in the address bar of the browser.

*Then click on the Sign In button, where you can enter your screen name and a temporary password and then click the “Sign In” option.

*Then you may able to view the option called “My Account” exactly found located on the screen’s right side corner where you may select the option “Edit Password.”

*Here you may enter your old and temporary password that you have already have registered. Then you have to enter a new password that you are going to use. Again re-type the new password in the next column to confirm the new password.

*Finally, click on the option called “Save Changes” so that you can complete the process.

*If the above steps fail, kindle get in touch with the Pogo Customer Service ans ask for the Pogo Password Recovery options.

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