How to Protect Your PC Against Infectious Malware?

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There are ample of ways available that can easily help you in keeping your machine or device safe and secure. So, when you notice any abnormality or slow performance of your PC all you require is just going for the proper guidelines and instruction. Along with that, there are several options available that you must consider.

Installing an Antivirus is Important

Antivirus or Internet security has taken an active part in the life of a computer. Yes! That’s true. After purchasing a new desktop, laptop or smartphone people always go for the antivirus software to defend their machine from the unwanted threats such as virus, malware, spyware and more. But the facts are each and every virus is not so useful and convenient for your device and that is why you must choose smartly whenever you go to purchase the antivirus software. Though ample of antivirus are available and amongst all of them, choosing the best one is quite important. So do not get confused over all those antiviruses and select Norton antivirus software or Norton internet security solutions, which is useful and convenient as well. In fact, calling on the Computer Technical Support Number you will be able to get ample of data and information about Norton security.

Keep Up to Date

The vast majority of the spyware and malware infection exploits the security hole, which has been already fixed and that is why the important part of the PC hygiene is only to keep the entire software up to date. Basically keeping your software up to date always helps you to keep the system exact and proper.

Cross-Checks and Rescues

No antivirus software catches everything, and that is why this is quite important to run the crosscheck time to time. Though Norton antivirus security and the Norton security solution are extremely reliable, convenient and dependable but double checking and cross checking this antivirus software is extremely important for your machine. Sometimes only one-time checking is not enough for the machine it cannot even specify the viruses, and that is why cross-checking is significant so that you will be able to prevent your system from the unwanted viruses.


How to protect your system from Attacking Viruses and Malware Activities?

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How to protect your system from Attacking Viruses and Malware Activities?

Is your system facing major issues and not functioning properly??
Then your system is seriously in trouble and needs your attention.
All of us love working on computers, surfing the internet, browsing through different items available on it. From playing games to learning, the computer is a source of entertainment plus information to us. But have you ever thought of the malicious activities and viruses, trying to harm it.
There are many malware items and virus which might damage your computer to a big extent. In order to keep your system working and secured from these harmful activities, I have brought some tips for you to follow in order to protect your system from attacking viruses, have a look-

1– Keep your system up to date

The first and the foremost important step, towards protecting your systems from virus, is to check whether you have the latest security updates available for your windows operating system or not. To get your security updates automatically, go to the control panel and check if your automatic security updates are turned on or off. These security updates are very important for your system to have as they protect it from several malware activities and damages.

To check your computer system is up to date or not you can click here 

2– Keep your software up to date

Not only your windows operating system but the software which are installed in your system needs an update daily. Make sure you have the latest updates and security patches for your main programs and applications including java, adobe flash or popular web browsers such as chrome, Mozilla etc. since these software are always under the threat of attacking virus, you need to maintain all your important software up to date and protected.

3– Always create a back up

Data backup is very much important for any system as your vital documents and information gets stored at one place, remaining safe. To make sure your data is secured, you should be using a twofold strategy, including an external hard drive usage with an online backup service. Backing up your data allows you to synchronize your files with the online backup servers and provides security such as, encryption capabilities. To set it up, access your windows control panel and click backup and restore to access the location.

4– Secure your web browser before going online

Web browsers are the only source for you to go online. Since it’s the only source, you need to maintain a check on the activities along with keeping it secure. Always update your browser and keep the latest version if it. Always choose private browsing, when accessing a website you are not sure about as this browsing mode will prevent authentication credentials (or cookies) from being stored. Since data stealing malware spreads through malicious code embedded in pop-up windows even in legitimate websites, make sure your web browser can block the pop-ups. Make sure you know the activities that try entering your system through these web browsers.

5 – Be careful while surfing the internet

Do not click on suspicious links as they might contain virus. To make sure you won’t get infected by clicking on dangerous links, go the other link to see if you are directed to a legitimate location. an unknown link may send you to a malicious site that can install malware on the system. These unknown links often prove disastrous to your system. They are the biggest source of malware collection, damaging your computer. To check any suspicious malware activity you can use this tool ‘virus total’, which is a helpful tool in checking suspicious link.

6 – Install a security solution against spyware

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Spyware is that category of software which redirects your browser to malicious websites or it may even monitor your browsing history. If your computer is slow when opening any programs or applications, it might happen that a spyware in your computer is affecting its operations. There are many signs your computer has spyware including error messages start to come, search engine in your web browser has changed, pop up window appears every time and much more. To protect your computer from spyware, try installing an anti-spyware product, which will keep your system protected.  MalwarebytesSpybot Search and DestroyLavasoft’s Ad-Aware etc. are some of the anti-spyware products, you can install in your system.

Following the above mentioned steps, you can keep your system safe and protected, from the suspicious malware activities and attacking viruses. 


How To Clean infections and malware stuff from your Computer system

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Every one of us wants to keep our computer systems away from malware and viruses. We do not want any malicious activity to enter and damage our computer. These malware infections try hard to enter the computer and we need to stop them.
So, what’s the solution to protect your system from getting infected? Have you heard of Trend micro anti-threat toolkit? Get to know it below,

What is trend micro anti-threat toolkit?

Trend micro anti-threat toolkit is a free malware removal tool, which protects your computer from getting infected. It analyzes malware issues and scans your whole computer system. However, this software helps clean rootkits, general or other malware that might be there on your computers, trying to damage it.

It can remove such types of threatening malware and infections like,

  • Cryptolocker infections
  • Rootkit infections
  • CIDOX/ RODNIX infection
  • Master boot record Infection

Clean Computer infections and malware stuff from your system using Trand Micro Computer security-Trend micro anti-threat toolkit

How to use Trend micro anti-threat toolkit?

virus infections and solutions

This malware removal tool is very simple to use.

Firstly, download this software from and run the set up to install it. Open the UI of this malware removal tool

Now, follow these steps to clean your computer systems from several malware infections

  • Step 1 - Click Scan now to begin the scanning according to the selected Scan Type.
  • Step 2- Scanning process will start listing down all the files in your system. It might take longer if you scanning the whole system.
  • Step 3- Scanning results will show you the suspicious file, Threat Name, Risk level, and options to either fix or ignore those files.
  • Step 4 - Select the file you think has malware stuff and click on Fix Selected. It will then clean all infections in the item to make your computers malware and spam free. You can also restore the fixed files.

Trend Micro Anti-Thread Toolkit scanner can be used offline or online in computers. To safeguard your computer systems from several malicious activities, download this tool now.