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magicJack Customer Care Service Phone Number USA Toll Free

magicJack Vocaltec invented Voice over IP (VOIP), having sold over 10 million magicJacks since product launch. In addition, our Telephone App/Softphone is being downloaded millions of times per year on smartphones, computers, tablets and iOS devices that can be used anywhere in the world to make and receive calls.

Key Features

magicJack Customer Care Service Phone Number USA Toll Free

Magicjack technical support phone number –

Get 24×7 support for Magicjack problems. Magicjack  allows you to call in across the world at lowest prices, it saves lots of money in calling. Unlimited local & long distance calling to the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands. All that’s required is a Magicjack and an active internet connection. Magicjack is an alternative for skype, Vonage & Other VOIP Services. We provide support for Magicjack devices magicjack Plus, magicjack go.

How magicJack Works:-

The magicJack device uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) to allow you to make local and long-distance calls to the U.S. and Canada using an existing internet connection.

You can make and receive calls using your computer or regular telephone. No additional telephone service is required.

magicJack  Support and Services We provide:

Configuring Magicjack accounts

Installing Magicjack

Configuring  Magicjack  on PC/Laptop

Help with  issues of Magicjack

Magicjack mobile settings setup & configuration

MagicJack installation problems

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