How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

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Facebook causes it to be really easy to create an account, but hard to remove one. If you think just because you stop using your Facebook account, that it will ultimately be taken off the system, think again. Facebook creates its money from advertisers that want to focus on people according to their passions. During the revenue procedure, Facebook informs the advertisers how many people their ad will see, depending on the advertisers’ specifications. These numbers have to come from somewhere and so Facebook values every account they own. They don't want to see you go.

Easy Steps to Deactivate a Facebook Account

  • Deactivating an account indicates you can still recover it later. This selection allows you to cover your other account momentarily.
  • To do this, simply select the account selection at the top right of your Facebook page then select Settings from the decrease selection.
  • On the Common Account Settings page, simply click Protection on the remaining line.
  • While on the Protection Settings page, simply select the Deactivate your account link on the end. Then make sure to adhere to all the activities to validate.
  • Once you have visited the Disable your account link, you will direct to a new page with various choices. You need to give a good purpose as to why you want to deactivate the account and other activities you'd like done. You can also select when you would like to recover your account. Click validate if you've made the choices.
  • When you deactivate your account, your details will not be seen by other people on Facebook. Also, people won't be able to search for you but your messages to friends may still be seen.
  • You can resume it when you want by simply signing in with your e-mail and security password. After you log in, your complete profile will be renewed instantly. Keep in mind to keep a list of your e-mail and security password for that account you want to deactivate because you will need them when you recover it later on.

Deleting an account, on the other side, indicates all your content (personal details, friends, etc.) will be deleted completely. This indicates you will not be given a choice to resume it or recover any of your details.

Simple guide to deactivate your facebook useless account

Login your facebook account using any web browser Visit -

Facebook Account delete

Now Click on last rigt globe icon on the top of the page. After click on icon, a drop down menu will be appear. Now Click on Settings

Facebook Account delete

Now Click on last line link - Edit(In fron of Manage Account)

Facebook Account delete

when you will click on Edit, there are two options - Request Account deletion and the last one is Deactivate your account. Chose your comfortable option and your facebook account will be deleted as soon as possible.

Facebook Account delete

If you, however, do not wish to go through those activities and instantly remove your account, you need to go to this URL or visit Facebook Account Customer Service Phone Number. This is the Facebook account deletion form which you need to complete to notify the administrators that you want to completely delete your account.