How To Clean infections and malware stuff from your Computer system

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Every one of us wants to keep our computer systems away from malware and viruses. We do not want any malicious activity to enter and damage our computer. These malware infections try hard to enter the computer and we need to stop them.
So, what’s the solution to protect your system from getting infected? Have you heard of Trend micro anti-threat toolkit? Get to know it below,

What is trend micro anti-threat toolkit?

Trend micro anti-threat toolkit is a free malware removal tool, which protects your computer from getting infected. It analyzes malware issues and scans your whole computer system. However, this software helps clean rootkits, general or other malware that might be there on your computers, trying to damage it.

It can remove such types of threatening malware and infections like,

  • Cryptolocker infections
  • Rootkit infections
  • CIDOX/ RODNIX infection
  • Master boot record Infection

Clean Computer infections and malware stuff from your system using Trand Micro Computer security-Trend micro anti-threat toolkit

How to use Trend micro anti-threat toolkit?

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This malware removal tool is very simple to use.

Firstly, download this software from and run the set up to install it. Open the UI of this malware removal tool

Now, follow these steps to clean your computer systems from several malware infections

  • Step 1 - Click Scan now to begin the scanning according to the selected Scan Type.
  • Step 2- Scanning process will start listing down all the files in your system. It might take longer if you scanning the whole system.
  • Step 3- Scanning results will show you the suspicious file, Threat Name, Risk level, and options to either fix or ignore those files.
  • Step 4 - Select the file you think has malware stuff and click on Fix Selected. It will then clean all infections in the item to make your computers malware and spam free. You can also restore the fixed files.

Trend Micro Anti-Thread Toolkit scanner can be used offline or online in computers. To safeguard your computer systems from several malicious activities, download this tool now.