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How to login your Facebook account using Email id or with phone number

Facebook is a social hub I guess everybody is aware of it. It is a popular social networking site with amazing features and is a large media hub too. Facebook has gained a lot of popularity and almost everybody has his/her account on it. The need of experts plays an important role to solve all technical flaws or other functional errors on Facebook which might be a trouble to all its users. You just require calling the Facebook customer service phone number where you can get the perfect and prompt solutions for all your Facebook problems.

Whenever you want to login your Facebook account, you shoud have yo follow the following steps :-

  • Ensure that you are linked to the internet before you start. There are genuinely 3 ways that you could get entry to Facebook via the app on the Google play store for Android devices and the Apple store for iOS devices, by using the internet browser to your cell device or using your computer system.
  • Download the Facebook app, then wait for it to finish installing. If you are using a web browser, tap on the search bar or the url and type in ““.
  • Use your fblogin and type your username and password in the fields required. If you are using the app, then the username and password fields will be in the middle of your screen. If you are using a browser, the username and password can be found on the upper-right part of your screen. Tap in the blank fields, and your keyboard should come up and allow you to enter your Facebook Login details.
  • Tap on the “Log In” button, wait a while for verification, then voila! You are now logged in.