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Candy Crush Saga  support number
Candy Crush Saga Technical Support Phone Number

Candy Crush Saga Technical Support Phone Number Played by Millions: Candy Crush Support Team is there if you encounter any problem with Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Saga is a massively successful, casual puzzle game, played by a large number of people across the globe. The game is simple, easy to play and entertains a lot of people. Candy crush saga has its customer support team which makes constant efforts to resolve each type of issue, occurring, with it. Customer support team of Candy Crush Saga has well-trained technicians who work constantly 24 hours, with a view to resolve any query that occurs with Candy Crush Saga. If you face any sort of problem, with Candy Crush Saga, dial the Toll-free number.

Key Features

Candy Crush Saga Customer Service And Support Phone Number

Candy Crush Saga Game Played by Millions:

Candy Crush Support Team is there if you encounter any problem with Candy Crush Saga. The candy crush saga customer support team of candy crush offers remarkable and brilliant solutions to whatever problems you are facing, with candy crush. The Candy Crush Saga Helpline Phone Number is working 24*7 and our customer support team handles it effectively. In case you stuck with any type of problem, with candy crush saga, feel free to contact our expert technicians at +1-800-811-4074 toll-free.

Why choose Candy Crush Saga Customer Service Phone Number?

  • 1100% reliable results
  • 24*7 working
  • Highly efficient team members
  • Most valuable solutions
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Common Candy Crush Saga Issues can be occur while you are playing Candy Crush Saga

  • Loading issue on iOS, Android, Windows phone
  • Crashing problem on iOS, Android, Windows phone
  • Candy Crush wont load on ipad
  • Candy Crush update problem
  • Candy Crush stopped working
  • Games keep crashing on ipad
  • I lost my progress on Candy Crush
  • Candy Crush Saga loading still stuck at 68%
  • Trouble with candy crush loading/freezing
  • Troubleshooting, Candy Crush on PC
  • Cannot connect Facebook to Candy crush
  • Candy Crush Won’t Load, issue with responding
  • Facebook Friends No Longer Visible on Candy Crush
  • App purchase on my iOS device
  • Unable to save my progress
  • Problem with to install and uninstall
  • I can’t synchronise my progress
  • I am having trouble connecting to the app store. Help!
  • I am not receiving messages in-game from friends and/or other Kingdom players.
  • I have been stuck on a level for ages.
  • Game is showing a black screen after loading.

Candy Crush Saga Help-desk Number to call is +1-800-811-4074 (Toll-free)

Candy crush saga is played world-wide and a well-known game, played by millions. Stay connected to the customer support team of Candy Saga in order to resolve any type of queries, with it. The Candy Crush Saga Customer Support Phone Number is operational 24 hours and handled by our expert technicians.

Dial direct Candy Crush Saga technical support number +1-800-811-4074. You can get an instant customer support by call us at our customer service phone number USA Toll Free +1-800-811-4074 for Candy Crush Saga. A phone number system with less hold time in comparison to other phone numbers, call us now for live support from your computer.

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  • (Average Rating 2.3 Based on 87 rating)

Posted By : Bessie L
Why are we no longer getting gold bars for completing races. I finished second place today and did not get 5 gold bars. And the next race is not offering Gold
Rating :
Posted Date : 18 Feb 2021
Posted By : Gentry little
Need help on level 110
Rating :
Posted Date : 30 Nov 2020
Posted By : Josephine Mora
Every time I\'m playing, lately the game freezes up and I have to log completely out and reopen it. Not only its it frustrating but I loose my boosters. So I keep purchasing boosters and losing them because of this issue. I would appreciate this issue being resolved as well as a credit for $80 I lost on booster purchases. I\'ve tried calling you but every phone you list on your website has been disconnected Makes me believe that now you\'re just running a scam to steal all you customers money. Shame on you. Please call me ASAP at 407.314.8167. Sincerely
Rating :
Posted Date : 29 Oct 2020
Posted By : Amelia Meloni
I lost my levels what is the problem? It’s been weeks trying to fix the issue through email and no one is helping! I was on the thousands and now I am back at level 1 after all changes on Facebook and all the changes . I will not start all over again😩unless my progress is restored ! Please can someone do a power shoot and see if you can get me back to where I was . HELP and fix the problem ! Also what’s the correct number to call you guys?
Rating :
Posted Date : 21 Oct 2020
Posted By : Carole Venhorst
On 09/12/20 I made a purchase of $19.99. It was supposed to give me 12 hours of life, 2x bonus pieces and 100 coins. Not only did it charge my card twice, but I didn\\\'t get the 12 hours of lives. Please rectify. Thank you.
Rating :
Posted Date : 13 Sep 2020
Posted By : c hinck
I hate the update. There is no way to beat these levels. Without extra moves, but you took the extra moves away. The game is horrible now.
Rating :
Posted Date : 06 Jul 2020
Posted By : Michele
Candy crush is not loading comes up then goes away.
Rating :
Posted Date : 02 Jul 2020
Posted By : Natalie Bazarewski
Transfer to new phone, everything transfered, except my rewards. Did not have this problem the last time I got a new phone. Would like to have my rewards back. Please & Thank you.
Rating :
Posted Date : 28 Jun 2020
Posted By : Yalamanda
I loses my level what is the problem about my email &Facebook please clear my level
Rating :
Posted Date : 23 Jun 2020
Posted By : Kelly
I play hours on candy crush competing in the weekly race. This is the second week in a row that after 4/5 days when I was in 1st place that a name pops up from nowhere with 100-150 levels more. Makes me want to quit the game when put in cheaters. WHY ???
Rating :
Posted Date : 13 Jun 2020
Posted By : Elainie Robinson
I have left 3 messages. I was charged $200 and have only purchased $1.99 or $2.99 amounts. Don’t know if a kid or someone else got my phone and did it b/c all you have to do to purchase is double click side of phone. I am so pissed off and furious I have deleted the game which I love and was in the 2000 something level. I was a refund or I will spread the word that charges were done without my knowledge. The coronaVirus, me being a teacher and being off this long without pay and my son going to college this year has set back my family financially. Please understand I would never pay that much. If you look at my history you will see that. I will get to the bottom of who put all these charges on my account but it wasn’t authorized by me‼️ I want a refund b/c this isn’t fair especially when my husband told me to delete app n/c of this problem. Elainie Robinson 662-822-7809 The bad rating was b/c of the charges. I love the game!!
Rating :
Posted Date : 14 May 2020
Posted By : Rob Michaud
I just downloaded the new update and now it says I’m done all levels at 1560 when I know there are levels past that so what is going on
Rating :
Posted Date : 30 Apr 2020
Posted By : Jack Epstein
I am not receiving my coins. This is the second time trying to contact you but nobody has got back to me. This has been going on for over a month. Please fix it as I am stuck in the house. I need the coins. Thank you! Stay safe and healthy!
Rating :
Posted Date : 17 Apr 2020
Posted By : Geraldine Charlebois
Some of you are saying you have found that you are playing the same level after you had just finished it, sometimes it is a points level and you have to get so many points in order to actually complete the level. Another issue might be that you have to reload the game, as I have found it does not give you credit for the win. If I am playing on my phone, at times I have to power down the phone, and then turn it back on, in order for it to update appropriately. See if these tips help you. happy crushing
Rating :
Posted Date : 19 Mar 2020
Posted By : Geraldine Charlebois
I am so fed up with the candy crush, when you go to complete a try at ta level and you want to click the end game, it is so close to the continue to play for 10 gold bars that, more often than not, I end up hitting this in error. I cannot tell you how many gold bars I have lost due to this. I really would like to have some of these damn bars back. I estimate i have lost approximately 2000 bars like this. I mean really I am on level 3684. Please return my bars so I can make purchases the way I originally wanted too.
Rating :
Posted Date : 19 Mar 2020
Posted By : Melvin L. Williams
Getting several request for lives in candy crush saga, sometime I get requests and the friends didn\'t ask for a live. This morning I had 90 requests.
Rating :
Posted Date : 02 Mar 2020
Posted By : John
Lost progress at level 1243 or so can\'t log in to my old email that I signed up with years ago not going to play any king games until progress is restored
Rating :
Posted Date : 19 Feb 2020
Posted By : Nishant kumar
This game is very slow and when Updates available
Rating :
Posted Date : 18 Feb 2020
Posted By : Judith Redeye
I was on level 2014 and now I am back at level 1 after the game was deleted on my Nook. I will not play unless my progress is restored
Rating :
Posted Date : 16 Feb 2020
Posted By : Denise smithard
I have now made 2 x purchases of deal of the day 99 pence lollipop hammers last week and today my account has been billed but no lollipops give which is worrying
Rating :
Posted Date : 12 Feb 2020
Posted By : Maria Gall
I finished level 1952 and I went to sleep. I woke up and wanted to play the next level which is 1953 but I am surprised I am still on level 1952. It took me a while to finish level 1952, I don’t want to do it all over again.
Rating :
Posted Date : 06 Feb 2020
Posted By : David Andrew Wilson
I need to talk with someone asap
Rating :
Posted Date : 28 Jan 2020
Posted By : Carol Drechslet
Why on earth would you have a phone number that nobody can reach? You have this phone number listed several times to call customer service for candy crush, but guess what nobody is at the other end!
Rating :
Posted Date : 12 Dec 2019
Posted By : Oli S
Hi Team I am writing on behalf of my mother in law (Pensioner) who received a credit card bill to the tune of approx~ £800 whilst playing CandyCrush over the last couple of months. Apple have advised that I speak with/contact you directly as both Apple and the credit card company were concerned about the purchases as a result the credit card was stopped, Apple have confirmed that they cannot help either. This is an extremely urgent and serious issue. Please could you contact me urgently using the email address above to discuss. Note: helpdesk no not working, no one picks up!! Thank you.
Rating :
Posted Date : 12 Dec 2019
Posted By : Karen Riddle
I need a current working phone number to contact someone at Candy Crush for charges on my bank account
Rating :
Posted Date : 06 Dec 2019
Posted By : Stephanie Pollock
I made a purchase on candy crush saga for 3.99$ and I didnt get my booster. Can I be refunded. Thank you Stephanie Pollock
Rating :
Posted Date : 30 Nov 2019
Posted By : Els du Fijan-Bos
Heb net een piggy bank gekocht voor € 3,49, maar de goudstaven zijn niet toegevoegd.
Rating :
Posted Date : 28 Nov 2019
Posted By : Jacqueline Bradley
I made a purchase for the first time today. I purchased Gold bars and a few extras. I clicked the button to exchange 69 gold bars for 6 hours of unlimited lives. You took my gold bars but failed to give any lives. I have sent approximately 20 emails and you keep sending automated replies about everything but the issue. REFUND MY 69 GOLD BARS!!! My next plan of action is to file an official report.
Rating :
Posted Date : 09 Nov 2019
Posted By : Linda Booth
Dear CCS: That 800 number is no good. I’ve spent an hour trying to figure out how to get Candy Crush support after finding out from Apple that the $21.68 that cleared my bank this morning is not their problem. That which I purchased from you is not on my device. You charged me for virtual merchandise and did not deliver. I don’t see how obscuring support-access information can help your reputation. Please reply. Thank you.
Rating :
Posted Date : 31 Oct 2019
Posted By : Linds Foley
Lost my level on candy crush soda 1799 took me too level 56
Rating :
Posted Date : 09 Oct 2019
I've been waiting months now for the game to add new levels. I've completed level 2815. Have I reached the end?
Rating :
Posted Date : 10 Sep 2019
Posted By : Jacqueline Joyce Adams
Not receiving prizes for completing round first time or daily prize
Rating :
Posted Date : 06 Sep 2019
Posted By : Carol Drechsler
Technical support phone it once and you won’t be able to call back haha.. Thanks Candy Crush for fixing my problem....NOT! What a hoax! I’m about ready to delete the game!
Rating :
Posted Date : 29 Aug 2019
Posted By : Gangadhar Kumar
मेरा फेसबुक कनेक्ट करके दूसरे लोग चला रहा है
Rating :
Posted Date : 16 Aug 2019
Posted By : Patricia burjony
You phone can’t receive calls what are youyou took extra money from me purchasing twice at a time. U over charging me for buying boosters. Refund my $
Rating :
Posted Date : 15 Jun 2019
Posted By : Surender Pal
sir my problem मेरे अकाउंट से 6200/ debit हो चुके हैं मुझे कोई purchase नहीं करनी मुझसे गलती हो गई है सर प्लीज मेरा पैसा वापस कर सेंड कर दीजिए
Rating :
Posted Date : 07 Jun 2019
Posted By : Chander Shekhar
I had completed 3680 level of candy crush saga. No update available.i m on 1st rank and the single player who completed all levels.plz invite me at US in your HEAD OFFICE and give me reward and also thropy " BEST PLAYER OF THE CANDY CRUSH" Regards Shekhar Arya Contact number 9814871787
Rating :
Posted Date : 26 Aug 2018
Posted By : Raju
How many stages in condy crush
Rating :
Posted Date : 25 Aug 2018
Posted By : Karen
I am unable to get any of the lives from the Message board. They are frozen and I have tried everything!! I even contacted candy crush and they gave me a answer for something else. They didn’t understand what I was saying. Please help me. I am very limited on lives or time on this game.
Rating :
Posted Date : 25 Apr 2018