Best Internet service providers and their Customer service numbers

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Best Internet service providers and their Customer Service Numbers

Having Problem Deciding upon which Internet Service Providers to Choose? 

Here are some Best Internet Service Providers along their Customer Service Number to help you with it. Check them out!!

Speeds are not guaranteed and may vary due to many factors, affecting it, including the individual’s location, the network, internet provider etc. Internet service providers allow users to connect to the Internet, surf the web, play games and all types of online work.

Internet service providers offer online access, with a variety of technologies, speed difference and affordable prices. Everyone wants an easy access to the internet, suiting their needs and budget. There are many internet service providers available in the market but you often get confused on choosing the best one for you. Don’t worry, we have got the solutions!!

Here is a list of Best Internet Service Providers that will deliver a fast and smooth Internet you will ever imagine. Have a look :-

1 –AT&T internet

AT&T Internet is the Best Internet Service Provider, with high-speed Internet, up to 50 Mbps, ataffordable rates. It offers various plans, with access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots and the AT&T

Wi-Fi Gateway, which provides a steady wireless home networking capability.

Customer service number of AT&T internet is 800-331-0500

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2 -Verizon Fios

Fios is an acronym for “Fiber Optic Service”. It delivers fiber optics straight to your front door, as you want it. Verizon Fios offers high-speed internet connections, with corresponding phone lines. With 99.9 percent reliability supported by rapid delivery fibre optic technology, Verizon FiOS also provides strong home network support.

Customer service number of Verizin Fios is 800-837- 4966

3 -HughesNet

HughesNet is a high-speed, always-on connection that gives you instant access to the critical information you need when you need it. HughesNet is a professional broadband Internet service from HCIL, India’s leading Network and Satellite Broadband Internet Service Provider, whoseservices span all aspects of broadband technology and network solutions.

Customer service number of HughesNet is 866-347- 3292

4 –Frontier

Formerly Citizens Communications, Frontier Communications is one of the largest providers of DSL broadband, fiber, and copper Internet service in the U.S. Frontier internet services are fast, affordable, and perfect for you. People are switching to Frontier Internet Service for its speed, reliable network, and comparably low price.

Customer service number of frontier is 855-697- 5609

5 –Sprint

The third largest provider of mobile broadband in the U.S, which offers internet service across 48 states, with the greatest coverage in California, Texas, and Florida. Sprint Internet service is available across 48 states to approximately 280 million people. Plans start at $50 per month for 6 GB of data.

Customer service number of sprint is 1-817- 698-4199

6 -Cox communications

Cox is the Fourth-largest Award-winning Internet Provider, serving 18 states, with Internet facility available to more than 20 million people. The Cox Internet Service comes, with speed up to 300 Mbps. Plans of Cox communications start, at $29.99 per month for 15 Mbps. You can choose your plan as per your needs and budget from a variety of Cox High-Speed Internet packages.

Customer service number of Cox Communications is 1-800- 234-3993

7 –Dish network

The dish network is the third largest satellite internet provider in the U.S, with service across all 50 states and the greatest coverage in Southwest. DISH Network internet starts at just $39.99 per month when bundled, with a qualifying DISH TV package.

Customer service number of dish network is 800-333- 3474

These are really some of the best internet service providers, which will never disappoint you over internet speed and related problems. Try them once!!