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Alltel Wireless Customer Service phone number

Alltel Wireless Live Customer Service phone number Alltel has been acquired by Verizon and AT&T. Everyone in the United States can take advantage of Wi-Fi access from Alltel Wireless services. They cater to all your wireless needs. If you want to get in touch with a live customer service specialist at Alltel wireless, read the details below.

Key Features

Alltel Wireless Customer Service Live Person Information

If you are looking forward to solutions to all your shopping problems and want them to remove instantly, call the customer support number and share your problems, with us.

We have a huge team of expert customer service specialists which make your shopping experience easier than ever through their customer service. We promise to solve out any issue you facing with Alltel Wireless within a short span of time. All you need is to get in touch with customer service number and discuss your problem.

Alltell Helpline number to get in touch with live customer specialist at Alltel Wireless

Alltell Phone number to call: 800-811-4074

Speak to a Live Person: Call 800-811-4074 to talk to a customer service specialist, available 24*7

Feel free to contact help-desk number in case you face any issues with Alltel Wireless, to discuss the issues.

Alltel Wireless customer service phone number allows the customers to easily find a way out from the difficult situations they faced with their shopping at Alltel Wireless

Alltel Wireless customer care number provides the greatest successful customer service. Alltel Wireless live customer service support number is well-known to solve all the problems you face with it.


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Posted By : Theresa Vignola
I have a cell phone when I was with alltel. It is a Samsung flip phone. It does still work. I recently powered it up, I wanted to see if I had any pictures on it. Well I do and I have idea how to get them off the phone. I put in a sd card, thinking I could move them over. I think i need some kind of network that will work cause the network that I have on all devices is not working. Could you please help me find a solution. Thank you. Theresa Vignola
Rating :
Posted Date : 07 Dec 2018